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We stock a wide range of Soldering Irons & Equipment as follows:-
Antex Soldering
18 and 25 Watt irons, Spare Bits and Stands.
Weller Soldering
40, 80, 120, 175 and 200 Watt standard irons plus 40 Watt Soldering Station, 60, 100 and 200 Watt Thermally Balanced Irons plus  Spare bits for their whole range plus Stands, a Woodburning Kit and even a Battery Powered Iron.
Potasol Soldering Hobby, Technic, Professional, Pro Piezo and Superpro Gas irons plus all their bits.
Standard in .7mm and 1.2mm in small reels, Lead Free Solder in a variety of forms, as well as fluxes, Tip Tinner Cleaner, De Solder Braid and Solder Suckers.
Soldering Book
We can even teach you how to solder with "THE ART OF SOLDERING" by R BREWSTER published by Bernard Babani Publishing at 3.99
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Antex, Portasol, Weller Soldering Irons, Bits and Accessories. Solder, Fluxes and soldering tools from Brewsters Ltd