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We stock a wide range of Soldering Irons, Equipment and Accessories all Lead Free Ready as follows:-

ANTEX:- 18, 25, 40, 80 & 100 Watt irons, Spare Bits and Stands plus Pipemaster & Bits Plus their range of Craft oriented Products

WELLER:- 40, 80, 120, 175  & 200 Watt Standard Irons plus 60, 100 and 200 Watt Thermally balanced Irons & Spare Bits for their whole range, plus Stands, a Woodburning Kit, Gas Iron Kit and even Battery Operated Soldering Irons.

ANTEX/PORTASOL:- Professional(GASCAT 60), and Pro II(GASCAT 120) irons plus all bits for most Portasol Irons.

SOLDERS:- Standard leaded in .7mm and 1.2mm in small reels, Lead Free Solder in many packs as well as fluxes, Tip Tinner Cleaner, De Solder Braid and Solder Suckers.

NOTE :- Under Rohs (Lead Free) Regulations, after 30th June 2006 Leaded Solders must only be used for your own personal projects. They MUST NOT be used for work on Third Party applications or on products to be sold to a Third Party. See LEAD FREE SOLDERS for items that are compliant.

We can even teach you how to solder with "THE ART OF SOLDERING" by R BREWSTER published by Bernard Babani Publishing at £3.99 Now reprinted for the 8th Time

For Batteries, Maglite, Torch Bulbs, Power Supplies and much more see our sister Site at www.brewstersbatteries.co.uk